Bring Vancouver Home is a unique program for people in Vancouver. It is designed to help people who have fallen on hard times to have a home that is both healthy and affordable for them to live in. These homes are safe and secure to get them off the streets when life has taken an unexpected turn. The best part is, these people will have a home and still be able to afford groceries, childcare, and gas.

How It Works

Currently, there are approximately 1,900 children in the Evergreen and Vancouver schools that do not have the luxury of a home. These children are not always able to go to school and get the same opportunities that other kids their age have because their families are working class, veterans, senior citizens, disabled, and even students. This is not fair. Every child deserves to have a home, food, clothing, and security.

How Is It Possible?

It is all part of a property tax for the people who are able to afford it. It has a lot of supporters thanks to the people who go door to door to talk to the people of the community about what they can do to help those in need to get ahead. It is only a small tax of 36 cents per $1,000 of your property’s assessed value. To get the project off the ground, people have contributed more than $30,000. This money will be used to kick start the campaigns more and set everything in motion. Are you apart of helping families have everything that they need?

Join in and Help Support the Cause

If you want to take part in making Vancouver and the surrounding area a better place to be; you can visit the Facebook page for Bring Vancouver Home. You can also visit to discover how to get help if your family is in need and to find out more information as well. Together, the entire community can make things better. It is up to you to help make a difference for everyone.

Committed Campaign


If you were to see a homeless person on the street begging for a handout, you may walk right on past them or give them some excuse about not being able to help, but what would you do if that same person was a child? The truth is, whether you realize it or not, is that there are many children all over the world who are homeless. This is not usually a choice that they make, but one that is made for them. Often, they are homeless because their family simply cannot afford to have a home. These kids go to school and try to act normally, but they do not have the same security that other children have because their parents are disabled, veterans, and more. Their parents have fallen on hard times and perhaps lost the home that they were living in because they were faced with a choice of, “Food or Housing”. Isn’t it time to put an end to their struggles?

Thing Happen Everyday

We live in a world that is constantly on the move. People work hard to try and get ahead, but then bills pile up. Some of us may say that those people should work to get a better job, but the truth is; it is not always possible. In many areas, state assistance is being cut and the people who need the help most are unable to qualify because of this circumstance or that one. Young parents drop out of school because of an unexpected, unplanned pregnancy and then they are doomed to living on minimum wage. With the price of rent, it is virtually impossible to pay rent while putting food on the table and so things start to go backward. You also have veterans who are unable to live off their disability checks or accident victims that are not quite able to draw the assistance they need. It is a cycle that once certain things happen; leads to other things and before long; there is a family living on the street, struggling to make things better.

We Can Make a Difference

Thanks to a new bill that is trying to go through, Bring Vancouver Home, a program that will enable homeless families to have the home that they need; it is possible to make a difference. The downside is; it cannot happen without the support of the community. Even with sponsors who are supporting it completely, there are still issues with the funding. A friendly contribution or a small increase in taxes can help to ensure that more than 1,900 children can have a home that they can feel safe and secure in. Their families will be more able to own an apartment that is affordable and everyone will have more money for food, bills, and other necessities. Are you willing to give your support to something that can do so much good in and around Vancouver? If so, now is the time to say you want a better life for the children in this area.

If Your Home AC Can’t Keep Up; Try This

older homeIn every home or office building, you may have an air conditioning unit, but you may still have hotspots that make you feel as though you have no cool air flowing at all. A lot of the time, these rooms are the kitchen, bathroom, or bedrooms, but it can be in other areas. The older the home, the more likely these hotspots will occur. If your home AC can’t keep up, you can try these ideas to help you overcome the heat.

Why Hotspots Happen

When you have an older home or an older building of any kind, they may not have the proper duct work, limited ventilation, or numerous other issues. There may even be areas that are not sealed properly, and this can allow heat to come in during the summer and cold to come in during the winter. Converted attics, basements, and garages are often the most susceptible, but it can happen to any room in a home. It could be that you have too few vents for the amount of space that is in that room, especially since there are some older homes that have one vent for each room, regardless of its size. No matter what the reason, it could make it very uncomfortable in that area if you do not find a solution to the problem.

Discover Your Solution

sweatingIf you have an older home, there are things you can do to help your air conditioner to keep up. The first step in the process will be to locate areas where hot or cold air may be coming in. Once you have done that, you will then need to figure out what is causing your unit to fail you. You can have a professional look at the unit to make sure it is large enough for the space you have to cool. They can also clean it thoroughly and check for holes in the existing duct-work to make sure that these issues are not something that is jacking up your power bill. If problems are seen, you can hire them to make the repairs or you can choose a more economical approach such as a portable air conditioner. You can take a look at the Koldfront air conditioner on icecoldliving.com to see how a portable unit could eliminate hotspots at a fraction of the cost you may spend trying to update your central unit.

Enjoy the Cool Breeze

sealing your homeOlder homes are never perfect. They have a lot of character, but they often have a lot of issues and a lot of repairs that need to be made. This does not mean that you should have to suffer from the heat in your bedroom or that you should want to avoid the kitchen, basement, or any other area of your home because it is too hot. There are practical, affordable, solutions that can help you get the cool breeze you want. Doing so will help you in more ways than you can imagine since it may cut down the central unit’s run-time, which will cut your power bill, and ultimately save you a lot of money. Why not stay comfortable in your own home if you can do so without spending more money?

Home Improvement Program

Homeless Senior CitizensIf you live in a city, it is not difficult to see that there are people who call the streets home. Chances are good, they have not done anything to end up there. Most simply fall on hard times and have a tough time getting back on their feet. The sad thing is, homelessness does not care what your age may be and a lot of them are children or elderly people who really have no way of changing their circumstances. Children deserve more than they are dealt often, but they really do not need anything more than a home and a warm bed at night. The elderly people who call the streets home need much more from a home improvement program.

Make a Difference with Housing

Keeping Safe at HomeHousing can immediately improve the circumstances of most people who are currently without one. For the most part, a bed is better than a bench and a stove to cook on is better than begging for help with food so they can purchase a fast food burger. These are basic necessities that most all of us take for granted. We may even toss them out if they are getting worn, then simply go out and purchase new. Instead of tossing out those things, donating them to a home improvement or housing program for needy people will benefit people of all ages and races. It is an easy way to make improvements to the lives of others.

Other Potential Donations

When you look at the elderly people who live on the streets, you know that they lack basic comforts that most of us fail to appreciate. Then, a housing program puts them into a house in an effort to turn their lives around. It is a great thing that can help them get on their feet. However, when giving an elderly person a home to call their own, we shouldn’t forget that many of them will have special needs. Those needs may include railings in bathrooms to help keep them from falling in a shower or when getting out of the tub. It may include the best handheld shower head for them to further ensure that they do not fall. Lower cabinets in the bathroom and kitchen can help, especially if they suffer from a disability or require a wheel chair. These homes should also have ramps along with stairs to ensure that a wheelchair bound person can get inside without worry. Other donations that you may consider giving may include shower chairs, lift up recliners, portable toilets, and more.

Give What You Can to Make Life Better

safe bathroom for elderlyThe biggest thing anyone can ask of you is to give what you can without hurting your own family. If you have a loved one who has passed away, you can donate the safety stuff that they no longer need. If you have a bed that you no longer need, donate it to someone who doesn’t have a bed. Keep in mind that there are people with specific needs and if you can help them with it, give a little. It will become a lot to someone else.

Sharing Your Home Accessories with Neighbors

communities coming together

cookoutsThere is no place like home, but home can also become a very lonely place for some families who may be new to an area. They may not have family or friends nearby and it is not always easy to meet neighbors since everyone has their own busy lives to handle. Therefore, some families are starting to create common areas around their home where they can get together with others as a community. Would you consider sharing your home accessories with neighbors if it would mean you get to meet others?

Being Neighborly

communities building friendshipsChances are good, most of your neighbors also wish to meet new people. The days of families greeting neighbors with freshly baked pies or other treats as house warming gifts are gone. People have become oblivious to the idea of neighborly friends, but it isn’t a problem with people. They simply get caught up in living life and have very little time for socializing with people they may not see very often. Instead, they make friends at work, at school, and in other areas that they frequent often. Why not create a spot where neighbors want to spend time together? Kids could get together and play, parents could get to know one another, and everyone can start bringing back the “neighborly” atmosphere in their community.

Creating a Meeting Spot

communities coming togetherCommunities can create a large patio area in a park or some other common area that is open to everyone. This will create a spot for people to meet, especially those who may not have a patio of their own. If you add a couple grills to the area, a picnic table or lawn chairs, and other outdoor furnishings, people will want to come hang out on the weekends. While they are enjoying time with their family, they may also make new friends by being close to their neighbors in a common area. Some families may also want to bring along some of the items that they own and they will be able to share them with others. One of the most frequently used “bring along” items is a radio, which you can easily provide as a community. To go along with your stationary radio or to give people a set of speakers to hook up to, you can easily install outdoor speakers. Sonos Outdoor Speakers are a frequently used type of speaker for common areas. The proper way to set up speakers and specs can be seen here.

Bring Communities Together

When you create a common ground for people to enjoy, people will take advantage of it. Most people are looking for a reason to have a good time. Music, food, mingling with others, and the promise of a good time is usually all that is required and the people will come. If you want it to be something that the community builds or you want to see if the people will be supportive, you can ask for donations or help with home accessories that they can spare. In most cases, the people of your community will be happy to help if it can bring the community closer together.

Battle Pests Before They Overtake Your Home


Having a home is a blessing that most of us take for granted, except for times when we have to deal with maintaining it. When we maintain it; we usually end up feeling overwhelmed. This is no truer than during the spring when we deal with spring cleaning, but it can also be something significant during the summertime. However, with the middle of summer, it is pests that we worry about most because it is the time of year when they are at their peak. Do you know how to battle pests before they overtake your home?

Why Pests Annoy HomeownersMosquito Breeding Areas

There are a lot of pests that can attack homes and yards, especially during the warm weather months. Not only are there annoying bugs, but there are bugs that can get into your home with very little effort. They are breeding and new insects are being born. They are spreading into every crevice of your home, even if you are unaware of their presence. Some are pests that contaminate the area where they are roaming, such as roaches. Others, like mosquitoes, bring diseases and itchy bites. They may come in on clothing after you are outside or your kids go out to play or they may simply fly in when you open the doorway to go in or out. Either way, if you are dealing with a pest of any kind, you can do things that will stop them from bothering you.

A Parent’s Dilemma

mosquito bitesKids are most susceptible to infections that are carried by insects. As a parent, your top priority is to protect them, but you may feel as though you are unable to protect them from insects. This may leave you feeling as though you must keep your kids inside during peak mosquito hours. The problem is, in many areas of the world; mosquitoes and gnats are something that comes out at all times of the day or night. Do you really want your kids to miss out on camping, swimming, and simply playing with friends because of bugs?

Protecting Your Home

It may seem like the impossible task, but you can battle and win against bugs. You can use spray on repellents before you venture outdoors. If you are concerned about the chemical DEET, you can choose natural sprays that use scented oils to repel insects. In your yard, if you are planning a day out with your family, you can use mosquito killer spray to treat your yard. Many of these sprays are able to keep a lawn insect free for several hours. There are traps you can use, but they are not quick solutions.

You can also take steps to give insects of all kinds fewer places to thrive in. This means eliminating standing water or treating it with water tablets. Change out your pet’s drinking water every day or two and walk around your property after each rain to see where water piles up. This will cut down the mosquito population, but you should also clear up leaf piles which hold dampness. Leaves are a breeding ground for all types of insects including gnats, roaches, mosquitoes, and more. Are you ready for the battle to protect your home and family?

Improving Families Lives in Every Way

affordable housingWhen it comes to families, the project Bring Vancouver Home is a great idea. It is all about creating affordable housing for families who may otherwise end up on the streets. This is perfect for young families and elderly, but there are some things that should also be considered once those people have a home to call their own. We feel it is important to focus on improving families lives in every way, not just the home that they live in.

Home Matters

A home is a great place to start. There are so many families that struggle with day-to-day life and unforeseen circumstances. They struggle and lose the battle. They end up on the streets, with no real hope of ever getting off the streets. It may seem to them, that there is no hope of ever being able to work hard and get back where they need to be; off the streets and in a stable, affordable home. Affordable housing programs increase their desire to improve. It gives them something that they can hope for and reach, but we feel that more help is required.

Making a House a Home

donated FurnitureFurnishing for the inside of a home can make it more “homey”. The problem is, not all families who have struggled to get into an affordable home, will be able to add those personal touches. If they were on the streets; they most likely sacrificed a lot of their personal items. We think they should be able to get donations of furniture and other items. They should also be able to enjoy a nice outdoor area. This means outdoor furniture and lawn spray to kill mosquitoes. Even without the furniture for the outdoors, eliminating mosquitoes will instantly make it easier for them to get outside. It is also a luxury that most people have not had the opportunity to enjoy.

How You Can Help

happy FamiliesInstead of tossing out old furniture so that it can be carried to a landfill, you should donate it. This will save landfill space and help others. Whether you are in an area that supports “Bring Vancouver Home” or not, you can still donate those items you no longer want. Those unwanted items will be given a new life in someone’s home where they may be re-purposed or enjoyed as they are. You can donate pretty much anything.

People enjoy receiving clothes, furniture, food, and all personal hygiene items. You should also keep the kids in mind when donating because many of them would enjoy having access to toys and old electronics that work, but are unnecessary for you. These families can use insect repellents and so much more. You simply have to have it and not need it.

However, if you are devoted to helping the people who have nothing, you can also purchase items specifically to help them out. Either way, you will be doing them a favor and know that you are doing something good for your own community. Can you think of anything better?