Bring Vancouver Home is a unique program for people in Vancouver. It is designed to help people who have fallen on hard times to have a home that is both healthy and affordable for them to live in. These homes are safe and secure to get them off the streets when life has taken an unexpected turn. The best part is, these people will have a home and still be able to afford groceries, childcare, and gas.

How It Works

Currently, there are approximately 1,900 children in the Evergreen and Vancouver schools that do not have the luxury of a home. These children are not always able to go to school and get the same opportunities that other kids their age have because their families are working class, veterans, senior citizens, disabled, and even students. This is not fair. Every child deserves to have a home, food, clothing, and security.

How Is It Possible?

It is all part of a property tax for the people who are able to afford it. It has a lot of supporters thanks to the people who go door to door to talk to the people of the community about what they can do to help those in need to get ahead. It is only a small tax of 36 cents per $1,000 of your property’s assessed value. To get the project off the ground, people have contributed more than $30,000. This money will be used to kick start the campaigns more and set everything in motion. Are you apart of helping families have everything that they need?

Join in and Help Support the Cause

If you want to take part in making Vancouver and the surrounding area a better place to be; you can visit the Facebook page for Bring Vancouver Home. You can also visit to discover how to get help if your family is in need and to find out more information as well. Together, the entire community can make things better. It is up to you to help make a difference for everyone.