Having a home is a blessing that most of us take for granted, except for times when we have to deal with maintaining it. When we maintain it; we usually end up feeling overwhelmed. This is no truer than during the spring when we deal with spring cleaning, but it can also be something significant during the summertime. However, with the middle of summer, it is pests that we worry about most because it is the time of year when they are at their peak. Do you know how to battle pests before they overtake your home?

Why Pests Annoy HomeownersMosquito Breeding Areas

There are a lot of pests that can attack homes and yards, especially during the warm weather months. Not only are there annoying bugs, but there are bugs that can get into your home with very little effort. They are breeding and new insects are being born. They are spreading into every crevice of your home, even if you are unaware of their presence. Some are pests that contaminate the area where they are roaming, such as roaches. Others, like mosquitoes, bring diseases and itchy bites. They may come in on clothing after you are outside or your kids go out to play or they may simply fly in when you open the doorway to go in or out. Either way, if you are dealing with a pest of any kind, you can do things that will stop them from bothering you.

A Parent’s Dilemma

mosquito bitesKids are most susceptible to infections that are carried by insects. As a parent, your top priority is to protect them, but you may feel as though you are unable to protect them from insects. This may leave you feeling as though you must keep your kids inside during peak mosquito hours. The problem is, in many areas of the world; mosquitoes and gnats are something that comes out at all times of the day or night. Do you really want your kids to miss out on camping, swimming, and simply playing with friends because of bugs?

Protecting Your Home

It may seem like the impossible task, but you can battle and win against bugs. You can use spray on repellents before you venture outdoors. If you are concerned about the chemical DEET, you can choose natural sprays that use scented oils to repel insects. In your yard, if you are planning a day out with your family, you can use mosquito killer spray to treat your yard. Many of these sprays are able to keep a lawn insect free for several hours. There are traps you can use, but they are not quick solutions.

You can also take steps to give insects of all kinds fewer places to thrive in. This means eliminating standing water or treating it with water tablets. Change out your pet’s drinking water every day or two and walk around your property after each rain to see where water piles up. This will cut down the mosquito population, but you should also clear up leaf piles which hold dampness. Leaves are a breeding ground for all types of insects including gnats, roaches, mosquitoes, and more. Are you ready for the battle to protect your home and family?