Bring Vancouver Home is a project that got its start because of volunteers who work within the homeless community. They dedicated their time to those people who were hard working, honest, and good people, but who had fallen on hard times. These people are not afraid of a day’s work and many had held two jobs to try and support their family, but in the end; lost their home. Others are people who have fought for the country or became injured to the point that they are unable to work and cannot live off the fixed income that they bring home. There are also senior citizens living on the street because their income cannot cover rent if they have to choose between food, medications, doctors, and other necessities. For that reason, they began to wonder how the homeless can get a home.

The Reason Behind Homelessness

Most people, who have a home, feel that there is no reason for people to live on the streets. You may view them as lazy or addicts. The thing is; often this is not true. A lot of people on the streets have struggled to get ahead and simply fell further behind. Many of them have children that depend on them and it is shocking to hear that more than 1,900 kids are homeless in the Vancouver area. Typically, it is because their parents fell on difficult times and they needed more help than they could find with housing costs constantly on the rise.

Let’s Find the Solution

Times are tough for everyone. Rent costs a small fortune. There are a lot of people who are supporting the new housing project which will get a lot of families off the streets. No one is suggesting you give them a free ride. They have to hold a steady job to pay a minimal rent. The rest of their income can be put toward groceries and other things that we all need. You can become a part of it all and show your neighbors that no one should have to live on the street if they are trying their best.

What You Can Do to Help

There are websites out there that are full of information. They ask for your help either by volunteering a little of your time or by becoming a paid employee. All you have to do is look for information. It will tell you about the short-term impacts and the long-term impacts of this housing project. These websites will explain why it is necessary and what the community will gain from it. Are you ready to see kids and families get a helping hand? If so, you can show your support.