affordable housingWhen it comes to families, the project Bring Vancouver Home is a great idea. It is all about creating affordable housing for families who may otherwise end up on the streets. This is perfect for young families and elderly, but there are some things that should also be considered once those people have a home to call their own. We feel it is important to focus on improving families lives in every way, not just the home that they live in.

Home Matters

A home is a great place to start. There are so many families that struggle with day-to-day life and unforeseen circumstances. They struggle and lose the battle. They end up on the streets, with no real hope of ever getting off the streets. It may seem to them, that there is no hope of ever being able to work hard and get back where they need to be; off the streets and in a stable, affordable home. Affordable housing programs increase their desire to improve. It gives them something that they can hope for and reach, but we feel that more help is required.

Making a House a Home

donated FurnitureFurnishing for the inside of a home can make it more “homey”. The problem is, not all families who have struggled to get into an affordable home, will be able to add those personal touches. If they were on the streets; they most likely sacrificed a lot of their personal items. We think they should be able to get donations of furniture and other items. They should also be able to enjoy a nice outdoor area. This means outdoor furniture and lawn spray to kill mosquitoes. Even without the furniture for the outdoors, eliminating mosquitoes will instantly make it easier for them to get outside. It is also a luxury that most people have not had the opportunity to enjoy.

How You Can Help

happy FamiliesInstead of tossing out old furniture so that it can be carried to a landfill, you should donate it. This will save landfill space and help others. Whether you are in an area that supports “Bring Vancouver Home” or not, you can still donate those items you no longer want. Those unwanted items will be given a new life in someone’s home where they may be re-purposed or enjoyed as they are. You can donate pretty much anything.

People enjoy receiving clothes, furniture, food, and all personal hygiene items. You should also keep the kids in mind when donating because many of them would enjoy having access to toys and old electronics that work, but are unnecessary for you. These families can use insect repellents and so much more. You simply have to have it and not need it.

However, if you are devoted to helping the people who have nothing, you can also purchase items specifically to help them out. Either way, you will be doing them a favor and know that you are doing something good for your own community. Can you think of anything better?