You live in Vancouver. Therefore, you should have a say in what happens in your area. You are encouraged to express yourself when it comes to how you feel about the way this beautiful city is run. If your opinion didn’t matter, you wouldn’t have the opportunity to vote at the polls. There are polls available for every aspect of living in Vancouver and it goes way beyond deciding who the leaders of this city are.

What You Can Vote On

Everyday there are people who work to improve the city of Vancouver and all of the surrounding areas. All of these things are designed to better the area for its residents. However, not all things that are good can come without a price to the residents. For instance, the new housing proposal which will make homes more easily accessible to residents is in the works. For it to happen, homeowners will need to pay a little more in taxes. Overall, this is fine with most homeowners because it will get a lot of children, senior citizens, and disabled people off the streets and into a home that they can afford on minimal income. If it isn’t something you support or you feel as though you will no longer be able to afford you home if the taxes increase; now is the time when you should express your opinion. The thing is, you must keep in mind that it is not designed to cost you more money if you make under a certain amount of money or live in a home that is not worth a certain amount.

Get Your Facts Straight

Before you make up your mind on Bring Vancouver Home or any of the other things that city officials are trying to pass, it is important that you learn all that you can. Information will be your friend and enable you to make the best decisions that you can. Once you have your mind made up, express your opinion and take action as you see fit to do.